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Dick Philip

The Philip K Dick Reader

Оценка: 2.0 (1)
Genre: fantasy

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  1. Philip K. Dick The Philip K Dick Reader
  2. Fair Game
  3. The Hanging Stranger
  4. The Eyes Have It
  5. The Golden Man
  6. The Turning Wheel
  7. The Last of the Masters
  8. The Father-Thing
  9. Strange Eden
  10. Tony and the Beetles
  11. Null-O
  12. To Serve the Master
  13. Exhibit Piece
  14. The Crawlers
  15. Sales Pitch
  16. Shell Game
  17. Upon the Dull Earth
  18. Foster, You e Dead
  19. Pay for the Printer
  20. War Veteran
  21. The Chromium Fence
  22. We Can Remember it for You Wholesale
  23. The Minority Report
  24. Paycheck
  25. Second Variety

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