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Weber David + White Steve


Оценка: 3.4 (7)
Genre: fantasy, space fantasy
Spacers call the warp point Charon's Ferry.No star ship has ever entered it and returned since a vengeful Orion task force pursued a doomed Terran colonization fleet into it in 2206.Almost a century has passed. The fiery hatreds of a quarter-century of warfare between the Terran Federation and the Zheeerlikou'valkhannaieeee, the cat-like species humans called the 'Orions,' have eased at least a little. The 'Grand Alliance' forged by the need to fight side-by-side against the genocidal Rigelians remains, but there are those on either side who continue to hate, continue to distrust.Now the strength of that war-forged alliance is about to be tested. For Charon's Ferry is about to give up the secret of its dead. A ship has emerged from the deadly warp point at last. A ship which responds to the challenge of an Orion star ship using ancient human communications codes . . . then opens fire.The holocaust of interstellar warfare has been ignited anew, in a bloody crusade to free Holy Mother Terra.
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  1. David Weber, Steve White Crusade
  2. CHAPTER ONE Exiles Return
  3. CHAPTER TWO A Decision of State
  4. CHAPTER THREE The Peace Fleet
  5. CHAPTER FOUR A Slaughter of Innocents
  6. CHAPTER FIVE "A khimhok stands alone, Mister President"
  7. CHAPTER SIX The Path of the Storm
  8. CHAPTER SEVEN The Faith of Holy Mother Terra
  9. CHAPTER EIGHT A Question of Authority
  10. CHAPTER NINE Ivan the Terrible
  11. CHAPTER TEN "To Smite the Infidel . . ."
  12. CHAPTER ELEVEN "The Line will hold!"
  13. CHAPTER TWELVE Like the Good Old Days
  14. CHAPTER THIRTEEN The Blood of Patriots
  15. CHAPTER FOURTEEN Options of War
  16. CHAPTER FIFTEEN The Stewards of Holy Terra
  17. CHAPTER SIXTEEN The Blood of Warriors
  18. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN "I need those ships!"
  19. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN No Sae Bad . . . Fer a Shellhead
  20. CHAPTER NINETEEN "We must all do our duty, Admiral Berenson."
  21. CHAPTER TWENTY Complications
  22. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE Without Authorization
  23. CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO Knight Takes Queen
  24. CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE An Admiral Heretical
  25. CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR "Its what I tried to stop!"
  26. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE A Gathering Fury
  27. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX "Buy me some time."
  30. CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE The Final Option
  31. CHAPTER THIRTY Vengeance Is Mine
  32. CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE The Terms of Terra
  33. CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO Khimhok zaFanak

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