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Weber David + White Steve

In Death Ground

Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Genre: fantasy, space fantasy
The more things change, the more they remain the same. Three thousand years after Sun Tszu wrote those words, in the time of the Fourth Interstellar War, the ancient advice still holds true. The 'Bugs' have overwhelming numbers, implacable purpose, and a strategy that's mind-numbingly alien. They can't be reasoned or negotiated with. They can't even be communicated with. But what they want is terrifyingly clear. The sentient species in their path aren't enemies to be conquered; they're food sources to be consumed.Totally oblivious to their own losses, rumbling onward like some invincible force of nature, their enormous fleets are as unstoppable as Juggernaut. Yet for the desperate Federation Navy and its enemies-turned-allies, the Orions, there is nowhere to go. Their battered, outnumbered ships are all that stand between the billions upon billions of defenseless civilians on the worlds behind them and an enemy from the darkest depths of nightmare, and there can be no retreat. But at least their options are clear.As Sun Tzu said, in death ground, there is only one strategy:
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  1. David Weber, Steve White In Death Ground
  3. Before the Thunder
  4. CHAPTER ONE The Fate of the Argive
  5. CHAPTER TWO Storm Wind Rising
  6. CHAPTER THREE The Stuff of Dreams
  7. CHAPTER FOUR "What else would you have me do?"
  8. CHAPTER FIVE Buying Time
  9. CHAPTER SIX Slow Them Down
  10. CHAPTER SEVEN To Face the Hurricane
  11. CHAPTER EIGHT Options and Obligations
  12. CHAPTER NINE They Just Keep Coming
  13. CHAPTER TEN "We can wait!"
  15. CHAPTER TWELVE What Price Redemption?
  16. CHAPTER THIRTEEN "You know I can tell him that!"
  17. CHAPTER FOURTEEN "This time we hold !"
  18. CHAPTER FIFTEEN In Good Company
  19. CHAPTER SIXTEEN "We e going back."
  20. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN "I saw what I wanted to."
  21. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN "Welcome along, Sir."
  22. CHAPTER NINETEEN "I beg to report . . ."
  23. CHAPTER TWENTY Ashes of Victory
  24. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE The Xenologists Best Guess
  25. CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO "What are those things?"
  26. BOOK TWO
  28. CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR Broken Claws
  29. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE "May our claws strike deep."
  30. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX "There are no chofaki here."
  31. CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN "It is about honor."
  32. CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT A Good Day for It
  33. CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE The Tips of Our Claws
  34. CHAPTER THIRTY Blind in the Dark
  36. CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO Questions of Command
  37. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE "Security is relative."
  38. CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR Into the Unknown
  39. CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE "What else are we to do?"
  40. CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX "I want them to escape."
  41. CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN "They e not our drones!"
  42. CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT Heralds of Armageddon
  43. CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE The Trap Springs
  44. CHAPTER FORTY Even Legends Die
  45. CHAPTER FORTY-ONE The Road Home
  46. CHAPTER FORTY-THREE "I wish I could spare more."
  47. CHAPTER FORTY-FOUR The Black Hole of Centauri
  48. Pause in the Storm
  49. THE END

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