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Abbey Lynn

Thieves' World: Turning Points

Genre: fantasy
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  1. Lynn Abbey Thieves World: Turning Points
  2. Introduction. Lynn Abbey
  3. MICKEY ZUCKER REICHERT: Home Is Where the Hate Is
  4. Andrew Offutt: Role Model
  5. Diana L. Paxson. The Prisoner in the Jewel
  6. Selina Rosen. Ritual Evolution
  7. Dennis L. McKiernan. Duel
  8. ROBIN WAYNE BAILEY: Ring of Sea and Fire
  9. JODY LYNN NYE: Doing the Gods Work
  10. LYNN ABBEY:The Red Lucky
  11. Jeff Grubb. Apocalypse Noun
  12. Raymond E. Feist. One to Go
  13. Afterword. Lynn Abbey

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