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Hall Adam

The Striker Portfolio

The Striker Portfolio Serie: Quiller
'The fly fell down.' Quiller sent the message off to London as requested. He had just seen a supersonic jet plunge 60,000 feet to its destruction. It was the 36th crash, and more were to come—unless Quiller finds out who is to blame.

That meant entering the deadly shadow world between East and West, where the name of the game was betrayal and the stakes were sky-high.
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  1. Adam Hall The Striker Portfolio
  2. Chapter One The fly
  3. Chapter Two Briefing
  4. Chapter Three Selbstmord
  5. Chapter Four The dump
  6. Chapter Five The Widowmaker
  7. Chapter Six Nitri
  8. Chapter Seven Collapse
  9. Chapter Eight The Pallbearers
  10. Chapter Nine Autobahn
  11. Chapter Ten Fugue
  12. Chapter Eleven The hare
  13. Chapter Twelve To ground
  14. Chapter Thirteen The Frontier
  15. Chapter Fourteen Storm-centre
  16. Chapter Fifteen Kohn
  17. Chapter Sixteen Ordeal
  18. Chapter Seventeen The grave
  19. Chapter Eighteen Helda
  20. Chapter Nineteen Final approach

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