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Brunner John

The Squares of the City

The Squares of the City Genre: fantasy
The Squares of the City  is a tour-de-force, a disciplined exercise peopled originally by wooden or ivory or jade figurines, now fleshed and clothed and given dramatic life in a battle as ald as the classic conflict of chess. But these are real people. When heads roll, blood gounts out and drenches the remaining players while they watch in horrified fascination until their turn comes.

For it is a real game.

And the players especially the players cannot tell the outcome. Even when their lives depend upon it.
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  1. John Brunner The Squares of the City
  2. Introduction
  3. I
  4. II
  5. III
  6. IV
  7. V
  8. VI
  9. VII
  10. VIII
  11. IX
  12. X
  13. XI
  14. XII
  15. XIII
  16. XIV
  17. XV
  18. XVI
  19. XVII
  20. XVIII
  21. XIX
  22. XX
  23. XXI
  24. XXII
  25. XXIII
  26. XXIV
  27. XXV
  28. XXVI
  29. XXVII
  30. XXVIII
  31. XXIX
  32. XXX
  33. XXXI
  34. XXXII
  35. XXXIII
  36. Author ’s Note
  37. Pieces
  38. White
  39. Black
  40. Taken in the course of play —White
  41. Taken in the course of play —Black

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