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Davies Robertson

High Spirits: A Collection of Ghost Stories

High Spirits: A Collection of Ghost Stories Оценка: 5.0 (12)
Genre: prose
Robertson Davies first hit upon the notion of writing ghost stories when he joined the University of Toronto s Massey College as a Master. Wishing to provide entertainment at the College s Gaudy Night, the annual Christmas party, Professor Davies created a spooky story,  which he read aloud to the gathering. That story, Revelation from a Smoky Fire,  is the first in this wonderful, haunting collection. A tradition quickly became established and, for eighteen years, Davies delighted and amused the Gaudy Night guests with his tales of the supernatural. Here, gathered together in one volume, are those eighteen stories, just as Davies first read them.

The ghosts of Ibsen and Dickens and sixteen horrid apparitions manifest themselves in this witty collection of tales.
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  1. Robertson Davies High Spirits: A Collection of Ghost Stories
  2. How the High Spirits Came about — A Chapter of Autobiography
  3. Revelation from a Smoky Fire
  4. The Ghost Who Vanished by Degrees
  5. The Great Queen Is Amused
  6. The Night of the Three Kings
  7. The Charlottetown Banquet
  8. When Satan Goes Home for Christmas
  9. Refuge of Insulted Saints
  10. Dickens Digested
  11. Hic jacet
  13. He bit off more than he could chew.
  14. The Kiss of Krushchev
  15. The Cat that Went to Trinity
  16. The Ugly Spectre of Sexism
  17. The Pit Whence Ye are Digged
  18. The Perils of the Double Sign
  19. Conversations with the Little Table
  20. The King Enjoys His Own Again
  21. The Xerox in the Lost Room
  22. Einstein and the Little Lord
  23. Offer of Immortality

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