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Delany Samuel


Nova Genre: fantasy
About the author

Samuel R. Delany was born in New York City on April 1, 1942. He grew up in New York's Harlem district and attended the Bronx High School of Science. At City College he served as poetry editor of the magazine Prometheus. He composed his first novel at nineteen and, at intervals between novels, worked in jobs ranging from shrimpboat worker to folk singer – in places as diverse as the Texas Gulf, Greece and Istanbul. Samuel Delany has won the coveted Nebula Award four times, twice for short stories ('Aye, and Gomorrah' and 'Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones') and twice for novels (Babel-17 and The Einstein Intersection). His other works include The Fall of the Towers, The Jewels of Aptor, Nova, Dhalgren and Triton. In addition, he and his wife, the poet Marilyn Hacker, founded and edited the avant-garde science fiction journal Quark from their base in London, where they presently live with their daughter.

V1.1 ocr cleanup/formatting I've interjected an extra
when scenes shift Within the same chapter (not consistant)

[?] means I'm not sure about something in the immediate

General: Taafite or Tanfite ? – **Taafite** – His friend's house. 'Hell_' or 'Hell_' ?


–Added two missing pages – beginning and end are marked with [*]

–When referring to any of the 'Hells', Delany uses superscript, i.e.; to the third power. But I did not know how to make this symbol so that it would survive the transition to text.

–'Ty_', the female character, has a nordic[?] symbol (two dots) above the second Y in her name. I also did not know how to generate this character.

Delany also used a fair amount of italics, which are not here, as well.
Year: 1967 г.
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hide Table of Contents

  1. Samuel R. Delany Nova
  2. Acknowledgment
  3. Chapter One
  4. Draco, Triton, Hell3, 3172
  5. Draco, Earth, Istanbul, 3164
  6. Draco, Triton, Hell3, 3172
  7. Chapter Two
  8. Draco, Triton, Hell3, 3172
  9. Chapter Three
  10. Draco, Triton, Hell3, 3172
  11. Pleiades Federation, Ark, New Ark, 3148
  12. Outer Colonies, New Brazillia, Sao Orini, 3149
  13. Pleiades Federation, Ark, New Ark, 3162
  14. Pleiades Federation/Draco (Caliban transit), 3162
  15. Draco, Earth, Paris, 3162
  16. Draco, Earth, Nepal, 3162
  17. Draco, Earth, Paris, 3162
  18. Pleiades Federation, Ark, New Ark, 3162
  19. Draco (Roc transit), 3172
  20. Chapter Four
  21. Chapter Five
  22. Draco, Vorpis, Phoenix, 3172
  24. Images of My People
  25. Portrait of a Child Crying (A.D. 2852 Vega IV)
  26. Portrait of a Child Crying (A.D. 3052 New Brazillia II)
  27. Chapter Six
  28. Draco/Pleiades Federation (Roc transit)
  29. Pleiades Federation, other world, CDN, 3172
  30. Pleiades Federation/Outer Colonies (Roc transit) 3172
  31. Chapter Seven
  32. Outer Colonies (Roc transit) 3172
  33. Outer Colonies (Black Cockatoo transit), 3172
  34. Outer Colonies (Roc transit), 3172
  35. Outer Colonies, New Brazillia II, 3172

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