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Grass Gunter

The Tin Drum

The Tin Drum Translation: Manheim Ralph
Serie: Danzig
Genre: prose
Acclaimed as the greatest German novel written since the end of World War II, The Tin Drum is the autobiography of thirty-year-old Oskar Matzerath, who has lived through the long Nazi nightmare and who, as the novel begins, is being held in a mental institution. Willfully stunting his growth at three feet for many years, wielding his tin drum and piercing scream as anarchistic weapons, he provides a profound yet hilarious perspective on both German history and the human condition in the modern world.Translated from the German by Ralph Manheim.

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  1. The Tin Drum by G
  2. Book One
  3. The Wide Skirt
  4. Under the Raft
  5. Moth and Light Bulb
  6. The Photograph Album
  7. Smash a Little Windowpane
  8. The Schedule
  9. Rasputin and the Alphabet
  10. The Stockturm. Long-Distance Song Effects
  11. The Rostrum
  12. Shopwindows
  13. No Wonder
  14. Good Friday Fare
  15. Tapered at the Foot End
  16. Herbert Truczinski ’s Back
  17. Niobe
  18. Faith, Hope, Love
  19. Book Two
  20. Scrap Metal
  21. The Polish Post Office
  22. The Card House
  23. He Lies in Saspe
  24. Maria
  25. Fizz Powder
  26. Special Communiqu
  27. How Oskar Took His Helplessness to Mrs. Greff
  28. 165 lbs.
  29. Bebra ’s Theater at the Front
  30. Inspection of Concrete, or Barbaric, Mystical, Bored
  31. The Imitation of Christ
  32. The Dusters
  33. The Christmas Play
  34. The Ant Trail
  35. Should I or Shouldn ’t I?
  36. Disinfectant
  37. Growth in a Freight Car
  38. Book Three
  39. Firestones and Tombstones
  40. Fortuna North
  41. Madonna 49
  42. The Hedgehog
  43. In the Clothes Cupboard
  44. Klepp
  45. On the Fiber Rug
  46. In the Onion Cellar
  47. On the Atlantic Wall or Concrete Eternal
  48. The King Finger
  49. The Last Streetcar or Adoration of a Preserving Jar
  50. Thirty
  51. Glossary

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