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Haldeman Joe


Оценка: 2.0 (1)
Genre: fantasy
Hugo Best Short Story Winner (1977)

Nebula Best Short Story Nominee (1977)

Locus Best Short Story Nominee (1977)

Joe Haldeman is a public relations department s dream. Handsome, with a dashing beard, and in his early thirties, he is not only a world traveler, a teacher, a lecturer, a former senior editor of ASTRONOMY magazine, guitar player, and skin diver, but in addition to his science fiction he has written adventure novels, nonfiction books, short stories, articles, poems, and songs. In 1976 he won a Nebula Award for his novel THE FOREVER WAR, which also that year won a Hugo, the award given out by the World Science Fiction Convention annually. This year he is nominated in two categories for the Hugo-both his novel MINDBRIDGE and Tricentennial,  the short story that follows.

You would think that this would be enough for anyone. Add, however, the fact that Joe Haldeman s university degree is in astrophysics, with postgraduate work in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and art, and the further fact that he is a decorated Vietnam War veteran who was severely wounded in combat, and you have, as I said, a package that a public relations department even one that deals with authors year in and year out-tends to find almost embarrassingly rich in interesting details.

Nonetheless, all these things are as true and real as Joe Haldeman himself is real. And you will see as you read Tricentennial,  on the pages that follow, that this is one of his geniuses as a writer his writing also has a rare element of reality within it.
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  1. Joe William Haldeman
  2. Tricentennial
  3. December 1975
  4. January 2075
  5. March 1992:
  6. February 2075
  7. June 2040
  8. February 2075
  9. January 2076
  10. June 2076
  11. July 2076
  12. September 2076
  13. January 2077
  14. June 2077
  15. Daedalus: A.D. 2081 Earth: A.D. 2101
  16. Daedalus: A.D. 2083 Earth: A.D. 2144
  17. Daedalus. A.D. 2085 Earth: A.D. 3578
  18. Daedalus: A.D. 2093 Earth: ca. A.D. 5000

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