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Hickman Tracy + Weis Margaret

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Оценка: 3.1 (85)
Genre: heroic
Creatures of legend, the dragons have returned to Krynn. Now, the darkness of war threatens to engulf the land. Then hope appears — a blue crystal staff in the hands of a beautiful bar barian woman. The promise of this hope forces a group of long-time friends into the unlikely roles of heroes: Tanis Half-Elven, their leader, a skilled warrior who detests fighting and is tormented by love for two women; Sturm Brightblade, Knight of Solamnia, driven to restore the honor of the knighthood; Raistlin Majere, the powerful and unsettling magic-user, whose hourglass-shaped eyes conceal dark mysteries; Caramon, Raistlin's twin, a genial giant both loved and feared by his brother; Flint Fireforge, the gruff old dwarven fighter, almost a father to them all; and Tasselhoff Burrfoot, a kender, the nuisance race of Krynn, immune to fear and followed by trouble wherever he goes.
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  1. Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman Dragons of Autumn Twilight
  3. The Old Man
  4. BOOK 1
  5. 1 Old friends meet. A rude interruption
  6. 2 Return to the Inn. A shock. The oath is broken
  7. 3 Knight of Solamnia. The old mans party
  8. 4 The open door. Flight into darkness
  9. 5 Farewell to Flint. Arrows fly. Message in the stars
  10. 6 Night in a cave. Dissension. Tanis decides
  11. 7 The story of the staff. Strange clerics. Eerie feelings
  12. 8 Search for truth. Unexpected answers
  13. 9 Flight! The white stag
  14. 10 Darken Wood. The dead walk. Raistlins magic
  15. 11 The Forestmaster. A peaceful interlude
  16. 12 Winged sleep. Smoke in the east. Dark memories
  17. 13 Chill dawn. Vine bridges. Dark water
  18. 14 Prisoners of the draconians
  19. 15 Escape, The well. Death on black wings
  20. 16 A bitter choice. The greatest gift
  21. 17 The Paths of the Dead. Raistlin ’s new friends
  22. 18 Fight at the lift. Bupus cure for a cough
  23. 19 One broken city. Highbulp Phudge I, the Great
  24. 20 The Highbulp ’s map. The spellbook of Fistandantilus
  25. 21 The sacrifice. The twice-dead city
  26. 22 Bupus gift. An ominous sight
  27. BOOK 2
  28. 1 Night of the dragons
  29. 2 The stranger. Captured!
  30. 3 The slave caravan. A strange old magician
  31. 4 Rescue. Fizbans magic
  32. 5 The Speaker of the Suns
  33. 6 Tanis and Laurana
  34. 7 Farewell. The companions decision
  35. 8 Doubts. Ambush!. A new friend
  36. 9 Suspicions grow. The Sla-Mori
  37. 10 The Royal Guard. The Chain Room
  38. 11 Lost. The plan. Betrayed!
  39. 12 The parable of the gem. Traitor revealed. Tas ’s dilemma
  40. 13 Questions. No answers. Fizbans hat
  41. 14 Matafleur. The magic sword. White feathers
  42. 15 The Dragon Highlord. Matafleurs children
  43. The Wedding

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