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Suvorov Viktor

Inside soviet military intelligence

Оценка: 4.7 (21)
Genre: publicism

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  1. Viktor Suvorov Inside soviet military intelligence
  2. Introduction
  3. x x x
  5. Chapter One The Triumvirate
  6. Chapter Two History
  7. x x x
  8. x x x
  9. x x x
  10. x x x
  11. x x x
  12. x x x
  13. Chapter Three The Pyramid
  14. Chapter Four The GRU and the Military Industrial Commission (VPK)
  15. x x x
  16. Chapter Five But Why is Nothing Known about it?
  17. Chapter Seven The GRU and the KGB
  18. Chapter Eight The Centre
  19. x x x
  20. Chapter Nine The Procurement Organs
  21. Chapter Ten Fleet Intelligence
  22. Chapter Eleven The GRU Processing Organs
  23. Chapter Twelve Support Services
  24. PART TWO
  25. Chapter One Illegals
  26. x x x
  27. Chapter Two The Undercover Residency
  28. x x x
  29. x x x
  30. x x x
  31. x x x
  32. Chapter Three Agents
  33. x x x
  34. Chapter Four Agent Recruiting
  35. Chapter Five Agent Communications
  36. Chapter Six The Practice of Agent Work
  37. Chapter Seven Operational Intelligence
  38. Chapter Eight Tactical Reconnaissance
  39. Chapter Nine The Training and Privileges of Personnel
  40. x x x
  41. Conclusion
  42. For GRU Officers Only
  43. Appendix A Leaders of Soviet Military Intelligence
  44. Appendix B The GRU High Command and Leading GRU Officers
  45. Appendix C Some Case Histories of GRU Activities
  46. Canada and the United States
  47. France
  48. Great Britain
  49. Japan
  50. Norway
  51. Spain
  52. Sweden

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