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Norman John

Beasts Of Gor

Оценка: 4.0 (2)
Serie: Chronicles of Counter Earth
Genre: heroic
On Gor, the other world in Earth's orbit, the term beast can many any of three things: First, there are the Kurii, the monsters from space who are about to invade that world. Second, there are the Gorean warriors, men whose fighting ferocity is incomparable. Third, there are the slave girls, who are both beasts of burden and objects of desire. All three kinds of beasts come into action in this thrilling novel as the Kurii establish their first beachhead on Gor's polar cap. Here is a John Norman epic that takes Tarl Cabot from the canals of Port Kar to the taverns of Lydius, the tents on the Sardar Fair, and to a grand climax among the red hunters of the Arctic ice pack.

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  1. John Norman Beasts Of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth-12)
  2. 1 The Sleen
  3. 2 The Message Of The Scytale; I Converse With Samos
  4. 3 The Fair Of Enkara
  5. 4 I Reward Two Messengers, Who Have Rendered Good Service
  6. 5 I Take My Departure From The House Of Samos
  7. 6 Two Girls Are Made Slaves; I Proceed Northward To Lydius
  8. 7 I Am Careless In Lydius: I Am Taken Captive
  9. 8 I Find Myself Prisoner In The North
  10. 9 I See The Wall; I Am To Be Whipped
  11. 10 What Occurred In The Vicinity Of The Wall
  12. 11 What Further Events Occurred In The Vicinity Of The Wall; I Again Turn My Eyes Northward; I Pause Only To Reduce A Woman To Slavery
  13. 12 I Tent With Imnak At The Gathering Of The People; I Advance Arlene A Bit In Her Training
  14. 13 Imnak Broaches To Me A Topic Of Some Importance; We Encounter Poalu
  15. 14 The Courtship Of Poalu; What Followed The Courtship Of Poalu
  16. 15 Audrey
  17. 16 Imnak Carves
  18. 17 I First Hear Of Karjuk; I Must Meet Him
  19. 18 We Hunt In The Vicinity Of The Permanent Camp
  20. 19 I Discipline Arlene
  21. 20 The Feasting House; We Return To The Feasting House
  22. 21 Arlene
  23. 22 Imnak And I Hunt Sleen; We Consider The Nature Of The World
  24. 23 One Comes To The Feasting House
  25. 24 We Hold Converse In The Hut Of Imnak; A Decision Is Reached; I Permit Arlene To Share My Furs
  26. 25 We Go Out Upon The Ice; We Follow Karjuk
  27. 26 Imnak Makes A Camp; Poalu Boils Meat
  28. 27 The Face In The Sky; The Codes; Imnak Will Take First Watch
  29. 28 I Must Conserve My Strength
  30. 29 The Cage Cart
  31. 30 The Small Arena
  32. 31 Half-Ear
  33. 32 I Hold Converse With Zarendargar
  34. 33 I Leave The Complex
  35. 34 What Occurred On The Ice
  36. 35 I Return To The Complex; What Occurred In The Complex
  37. 36 To The Victors Belong The Spoils; I Lift A Glass Of Paga
  38. 37 We Have Left The Complex; We Will Make Our Way Toward The Permanent Camp
  39. 38 I Shall Return To The South
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