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Norman John

Hunters of Gor

Оценка: 4.3 (3)
Serie: Chronicles of Counter Earth
Genre: heroic
Former Earthman Tarl Cabot is now a powerful Tarnsman of the brutal and caste-bound planet of Gor, also known as Counter-earth. He embarks on an adventure in the dangerous and mysterious wilderness of Gor, pitting his warrior skills against treacherous outlaws, bandits and fighters.Three different women are working to bring change to Tarl's far-from-peaceful life on Gor: Talena, his onetime queen and first love; Elizabeth, his brave fighting partner; and the Amazonian Verna, chief of the fierce and wild panther women.As Tarl journeys through the wilderness, the fates of these three remarkable women are finally decided.

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  1. John Norman Hunters of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth-8)
  2. 1 Rim
  3. 2 I Gather Information
  4. 3 I Buy a Thief
  5. 4 An Acquaintance is Briefly Renewed
  6. 5 We Enter Upon the River
  7. 6 I Hold Converse with Panther Girls and am Entertained by Sheera
  8. 7 Greena
  9. 8 We Wait in the Camp of Verna
  10. 9 There is a Meeting of Hunters
  11. 10 Marlenus Will Hold Discourse with Me
  12. 11 Marlenus Holds a Flaminium
  13. 12 I Return to my Camp on the Banks of the Laurius
  14. 13 I Re-Enter the Forest
  15. 14 I Give Evidence of my Displeasure
  16. 15 Hunting is Done in the Forest
  17. 16 I Find Some Tunics of Tyros
  18. 17 I Add Jewels to the Slaver ’s Necklace
  19. 18 The Shore of Thassa
  20. 19 The Stockade of Sarus of Tyros
  21. 20 What Occurred in the Stockade of Sarus of Tyros
  22. 21 My Business is Concluded in the Stockade
  23. 22 There is a Fair Wind for Port Kar

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