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Cook Glen

The Tyranny of the Night

The Tyranny of the Night Оценка: 3.1 (20)
Serie: Instrumentalities of the Night
Genre: heroic
Welcome to the world of the Instrumentalities of the Night, where imps, demons, and dark gods rule in the spaces surrounding upstart humanity. At the edges of the world stand walls of ice which push slowly forward to reclaim the land for the night. And at the world's center, in the Holy Land where two great religions were born, are the Wells of Ihrain, the source of the greatest magics. Over the last century the Patriarchs of the West have demanded crusades to claim the Wells from the Pramans, the followers of the Written. Now an uneasy truce extends between the Pramans and the West, waiting for a spark to start the conflict anew.

Then, on a mission in the Holy Land, the young Praman warrior Else is attacked by a creature of the Dark-in effect, a minor god. Too ignorant to know that he can never prevail over such a thing, he fights it and wins, and in so doing, sets the terrors of the night against him.

As a reward for his success, Else is sent as a spy to the heart of the Patriarchy to direct their attention away from further ventures into the Holy Lands. Dogged by hidden enemies and faithless allies, Else witnesses senseless butchery and surprising acts of faith as he penetrates to the very heart of the Patriarchy and rides alongside their armies in a new crusade against his own people. But the Night rides with him, too, sending two of its once-human agents from the far north to assassinate him.

Submerged in his role, he begins to doubt his faith, his country, even his family. As his mission careens out of control, he faces unanswerable questions about his future. It is said that God will know his own, but can one who has slain gods ever know forgiveness?
Year: 2005 г.
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  1. Glen Cook The Tyranny of the Night
  2. 1. Skogafjordur, Andoray
  3. 2. Esthers Wood, in the Holy Lands
  4. 3. St. Jeules ande Neuis, in the End of Connec
  5. 4. Andoray, with the Old Folks of Skogafjordur
  6. 5. Antieux, in the End of Connec
  7. 6. Al-Qarn, in Dreanger of the Kaifate of al-Minphet
  8. 7. The Andorayan Travelers
  9. 8. Antieux, in the End of Connec
  10. 9. Travels on the Mother Sea
  11. 10. Khaurene, in the End of Connec
  12. 11. Great Sky Fortress, Realm of the Gods
  13. 12. Firaldia, Ormienden, and the End of Connec at Antieux.
  14. 13. Near Rhecale, on Arnhands Southern Border
  15. 14. The Connec, Antieux, and Beyond
  16. 15. Ormienden, the Ownvidian Knot, and Plemenza
  17. 16. Andorayans and the Black Mountain Massacre
  18. 17. The Connec, After the Blood
  19. 18. Plemenza: The Dimmel Palace
  20. 19. Andorayans in Brothe
  21. 20. Khaurene, in the End of Connec
  22. 21. Brothe, in the Gathering of the War
  23. 22. The Connec, Duke Tormonds Venture
  24. 23. Brothe, Fists of the Gods
  25. 24. Brothe, Besieged
  26. 25. Brothe, with the Connecten Embassy
  27. 26. Brothe, the Soultaken
  28. 27. Brothe, Preparing for a War with Calzir
  29. 28. Alameddine, Weary Soultaken
  30. 29. Connectens at Sea and Ashore
  31. 30. Alameddine and Calzir
  32. 31. Andorayans Far from Home
  33. 32. Shippen and the Toe
  34. 33. Sublimes War in Calzir
  35. 34. Stalkers Hour
  36. 35. With the Direcian Combine: Cold Spring
  37. 36. Enfolded in the Embrace of the Night
  38. 37. A Loving God, a Loving Father
  39. 38. Another View
  40. 39. A Living Brother, a Loving Death
  41. 40. The Fire and the Pain
  42. 41. Back to the Dark Womb
  43. 42. The End of Connec: The Return
  44. 43. Brothe: Last Draught of Summer Wine

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