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Rabe Jean


Downfall Serie: Dhamon Saga
Genre: heroic
How far can a hero fall? Far enough to lose his soul? Dhamon Grimwulf, once a Hero of the Heart, has sunk into a bitter life of crime and squalor. Now, as the great dragon overlords of the Fifth Age coldly plot to strengthen their rule and to destroy their enemies, he must somehow find the will to redeem himself. But perhaps it is too late.
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  1. Jean Rabe Downfall
  2. CHAPTER ONE Healthy Earnings
  3. CHAPTER TWO A Change In The Scenery
  4. CHAPTER THREE Windfalls
  5. CHAPTER FOUR The Vale Of Chaos
  6. CHAPTER FIVE Talk Of Redemption
  7. CHAPTER SIX Death And Elven Wine
  8. CHAPTER SEVEN Grim Kedars
  10. CHAPTER NINE Life From Death
  11. CHAPTER TEN Lost Faces
  12. CHAPTER ELEVEN Reflections Of Truths
  13. CHAPTER TWELVE Return To Bloten
  14. CHAPTER THIRTEEN Donnags Promise
  15. CHAPTER FOURTEEN Entanglements
  16. CHAPTER FIFTEEN Trueheart And Battered Spirits

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