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Patricia Reilly Giff

Kids of Polk Street School
The Beast in Ms. Rooney's Room.
2. The Candy Corn Contest.
3. December Secrets.
4. In the Dinosaur's Paw.
5. The Valentine Star.
6. Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs.
7. Snaggle Doodles.
8. Pickle Puss.

Lily's Crossing
Lily's Crossing.
2. Willow Run.

Nory Ryan
Nory Ryan's Song.
2. Maggie's Door.
3. Water Street.

Polk Street Mysteries
The Mystery of the Blue Ring.
2. The Riddle of the Red Purse.
3. The Secret at the Polk Street School.
4. The Powder Puff Puzzle.
5. The Case of the Cool-Itch Kid.
6. Garbage Juice for Breakfast.
7. The Trail of the Screaming Teenager.
8. The Clue at the Zoo.

Zigzag Kids
Number One Kid.
2. Big Whopper.
3. Flying Feet.
4. Bears Beware.

1. A House of Tailors.
2. Eleven.
3. Pictures of Hollis Woods.
4. Storyteller.
5. Wild Girl.

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