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Kage Baker

In the Garden of Iden.
2. Sky Coyote.
3. Mendoza in Hollywood.
4. The Graveyard Game.
5. The Life of the World to Come.
6. The Children of the Company.
7. The Machines Child.
8. The Sons of Heaven.
9. Black Projects, White Knights.
10. Speed, Speed the Cable.
11. The Wreck of the Gladstone.
12. The Literary Agent.
13. The Ruby Incomparable.
14. The Queen in the Hill.
15. Facts Relating To The Arrest Of Dr. Kalugin.
16. Lemuria Will Rise.
17. Son Observe the Time.
18. Noble Mold.
19. Standing In His Light.
20. The Dust Enclosed Here.
21. The Fourth Branch.

1. The Anvil of the World.

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