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Mario Vargas Llosa

1. Conversation in the Cathedral.
2. Death in the Andes.
3. The Bad Girl.
4. The time of the hero.
5. The War Of The End Of The World.

Обсуждение Llosa Mario Vargas:

: Llosa Mario Vargas

Letters to a Young Novelist

: Llosa Mario Vargas

Letters to a Young Novelist

: Re: Llosa Mario Vargas "Letters to a Young Novelist"

I may have struck the wrong button, but my request is whether you can include in your library the digital version of the above-mentioned book title.
I am working on translation of a Polish language biography of MVL and have a massive number of quotes from all of the writer's works, which I need to find (buy and copy what is available on line) in their official English translations.
Your support here would be much appreciated.
Best regards,
(Marek S. Jezowski)

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