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Stephen R. Donaldson

First Chronicle
Lord Foul's Bane.
2. The Illearth War.
3. The Power That Preserves.
4. Gilden-Fire.

Gap (Stephen Donaldson)
The Real Story.
2. Forbidden Knowledge.
3. A Dark and Hungry God Arises.
4. Chaos and Order.
5. This Day All Gods Die.

Great God's War
Seventh Decimate.
2. The War Within.

Last Chronicle
The Runes of the Earth.
2. Fatal Revenant.
3. Against All Things Ending.
4. The Last Dark.

Man Who
The Man Who Killed His Brother.
2. The Man Who Risked His Partner.
3. The Man Who Tried to Get Away.
4. The Man Who Fought Alone.

Mordant's Need
The Mirror of Her Dreams.
2. A Man Rides Through.

Second Chronicle
The Wounded Land.
2. The One Tree.
3. White Gold Wielder.
4. White Gold Wielder.

1. Daughter of Regals and Other Tales.
2. Reave the Just and Other Tales.
3. The King's Justice.

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