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Robert Ervin Howard

Conan the Barbarian
Gods of the North.
2. Shadows in the Moonlight.
3. Shadows in Zamboula.
4. The Devil in Iron.
5. The Hour of the Dragon.
6. The People of the Black Circle.
7. The Phoenix on the Sword.
8. The Tower of the Elephant.
9. Xuthal of the Dusk.
10. The Pool of the Black One.

Beyond the Black River.
2. Jewels of Gwahlur.
3. Red Nails.

1. A Witch Shall Be Born.
2. Almuric.
3. Black Colossus.
4. Bran Mak Morn: The Last King.
5. Collected Western Stories of Robert E. Howard (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics).
6. Conan The Freebooter.
7. Grim Lands.
8. Kull Exile Of Atlantis.
9. Queen of the Black Coast.
10. She Devil.
11. Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures.
12. The Best Horror Stories of.
13. The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane.
14. The Scarlet Citadel.
15. Tigers Of The Sea.
16. Ultimate Collection.

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