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The Book of Transformations

If you read between the lines you will find me. I am here, forming words – I have been transformed, by the wonders of powers I can only begin to fathom, and imprisoned within my own book.

Frater Mercury and I have exchanged places and I can communicate only in script, though I know of no one who will open me up to heed these words.

I can see it all now – every answer I sought is here before me, in the realm into which Frater Mercury was exiled. Though it has broken into ours.

Worlds will collide violently. Already they pour into the other realm, both sides of this apparently eternal war. They bring this conflict to the Boreal Archipelago. I can glean only that it is going to be an immense conflict. There are armies of creatures which I have never before seen, not even in any old texts. They are abhorrent. I can see them now, pouring into the Boreal Archipelago, and their numbers are staggering.

I wish I could do something to help. I will continue my reports here, nonetheless. If these words can act as a warning, I can say only this: prepare yourselves for the battle to come.

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