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As ever, writing a novel is rarely a solitary effort. I would first and foremost like to thank Cheryl Morgan for her help and advice with research for one character in particular, though any insensitiveness and miscalculations remain very much my own. A shout-out also to James (formerly of Speculative Horizons, now an editor in his own right) for suggestions on an early draft, and to Liviu of Fantasy Book Critic and Stephen Aryan for comments on a later one.

Thanks, of course, to my editor Julie Crisp for slapping this manuscript into shape, and to Chloe and the rest of the team at Tor UK, who work phenomenally hard behind the scenes in allowing me to get away with writing more books.

And again thanks to the many online bloggers and reviewers who send a link my way or argue with me on my website – it really is appreciated, and they make the whole scene a lot more fun than it would be otherwise.

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