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MAID, COOK or companion. Head tax + $10/da. Phyllis, 88-423.

GOURMET FOODS, hard-to-get Earth imports. Take advantage my Grouped Mass Guarantee unique co-op order service for any item you want. Save expensive single-item shipping costs! Sears, Bradlee, G.TJ.M. catalogues available. 87-747.

FRESH FISH from Australia, M., goodlooking, seeks mt. French F. companionship. 65-182.

I think, I said, watching myself going into the sentence without being sure how it was going to come out, that Im going to do it. Want to come along?

Klara sat up and shook herself. She took a moment before she said, Maybe. Whatve you got in mind?

I had nothing in mind. I was only a spectator, watching myself talk myself into something that made my toes curl. But I said, as though I had planned it out for days, I think it might be a good idea to take a rerun.

No deal! She looked almost angry. If I go, I go where the real money is.

That was also where the real danger was, of course. Although even reruns have turned out bad often enough.

The thing about reruns is that you start out with the knowledge that somebody has already flown that trip and made it back, and, not only that, made a find thats worth following up on. Some of them are pretty rich. Theres Peggys World, where the heater coils and the fur come from. Theres Eta Carina Seven, which is probably full of good stuff if you could only get at it. The trouble is, it has had an ice age since the Heechees were last on it. The storms are terrible. Out of five landers, one returned with a full crew, undamaged. One didnt return at all.

Generally speaking, Gateway doesnt particularly want you to do a rerun. They will make a cash offer instead of a percentage where the pickings are fairly easy, as on Peggy. What they pay for is not so much trade goods as maps. So you go out there and you spend your time making orbital runs, trying to find the geological anomalies that indicate Heechee digs may be present. You may not land at all. The pay is worth having, but not lavish. Youd have to make at least twenty runs to build up a lifetime stake, if you take the Corporations one-pay deal. And if you decide to go on your own, prospecting, you have to pay a share of your profits to the discovery crew, and a cut on whats left of your share to the Corporation. You wind up with a fraction of what you might get on a virgin find, even if you dont have a colony already established on the scene to contend with.

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