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Chapter 23

How do you really feel about Dane, Rob?

How the hell do you think I feel? He seduced my girl.

Thats a strangely old-fashioned way to put it, Rob. And it happened an awfully long time ago.

Sure it did. Sigfrid strikes me as being unfair. He sets rules, then he doesnt play by them. I say indignantly, Cut it out, Sigfrid. All that happened a long time ago, but it isnt being a long time ago, for me, because Ive never let it come out. Its still brand new inside my head. Isnt that what youre supposed to do for me? Let all that old stuff inside my head come out so it can dry up and blow away and not cripple me anymore?

Id still like to know why it stays so brand new inside your head, Rob.

Oh, Christ, Sigfrid! This is one of Sigirids stupid times. He cant handle some complex kinds of input, I guess. When it come right down to it hes only a machine and cant do anything he isnt programmed to do. Mostly he just responds to key words well, with a little attention to meaning, sure. And to nuance, as as it is expressed by voice tone, or by what the sensors in the mat and in the straps tell him about my muscle activity.