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Emergency Forensic Session on the Manhattan Incursion CSIRA BlackBody Council

Pre-Testimony Interview, Partial Transcript, 27/08/2023

Subject: Nathan Gould

Excerpt begins:

You remember those constellations I told you about, the ones that kept showing up in the static: clusters of blue stars, little sapphire pinpricks connected by a network of dim glowing filaments, rotating slowly in midair. Ceph starglobe, remember?

I bet your guys are going over it right now. The suit kept playing it so its gotta be important, right? Some kind of star map. Interstellar trade routes or invasion plans. Maybe the location of the Ceph homeworld. Youve been poring over that shit ever since you tossed my place; nine, ten hours now? Trying to line up those sparkles with our own star maps, trying to figure out where a planet would have to be in the Milky Way to have that particular constellation hanging in its sky. How many possible matches you got so far? Few thousand, maybe?

Ill give you a hint. Youre looking in the wrong direction.

One of those stars is under New York. Central Park, if you really want to narrow it down. Theres another under Ling Shan. And you know theres a shitload more. Dozens more. If youd waited another ten minutes before kicking in my doorhell, if youd just asked nicely instead of waving those fucking guns in my faceI couldve given you a list.

No big deal, though.

Ive got a feeling everyones gonna know exactly where the rest of those stars are, real soon now.

Excerpt ends.

Erection | Crysis: Legion | Emergency Forensic Session on the Manhattan Incursion Excerpted Testimony of Dr. Lindsey Aiyeola Before the CSIRA Blackbody Council, Unknown Location, sometime between September 1 and 6, 2023