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Библиография произведений Корнелла Вулрича

Crime Publications


The Bride Wore Black.

The Black Curtain.

Black Alibi.

The Black Angel.

The Black Path of Fear.

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (as George Hopley).

Crime and Mystery Writers

Rendezvous in Black.

Fright (as George Hopley).

Savage Bride.

Death Is My Dancing Partner.

The Doom Stone.

Into the Night, completed by Lawrence Block.

Short Stories



Hotel Room.

Beyond the Night.

The Ten Faces of Cornell Woolrich.

The Dark Side of Love.

Nightwebs, edited by Francis M. Nevins, Jr.

Angels of Darkness.

Darkness at Dawn: Early Suspense Classics, edited by Francis M. Nevins, Jr. and Martin H. Greenberg.

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