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No more Shantytown? But it was so easy!

Perhaps that was the point. He had to admit he was intrigued. Finally, Eliot Ness had become interesting, For so long, he had been predictable. Just another policeman. And now this. How should he respond?

Nothing to do but to proceed with one’s work.

But without Shantytown, where would he go to find his people? Perhaps it was time to move on…

But the business felt unfinished. Too much left undone. If he was leaving Cleveland, he needed to create some kind of climax worthy of the adventure. Some way to escalate the business, to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. The esteemed safety director had devoted so much time and energy to him. Wouldn’t it be delightful if he could turn the tables? Man was the most dangerous game, after all.

He knew where Ness lived. He knew his wife was leaving him.

Endgame. That was what they called it back in the Chess Club. The time had come for the endgame.

The hunter and the hunted should meet. Face-to-face. What kind of conclusion would it be if he never had the satisfaction of looking into those eyes just at the moment when Ness realized how stupid he had been, how painfully ignorant, how utterly at sea?

Ness believed science could solve everything. But he had brought the safety director something science had no answer for.

Ness would never understand, would never realize how foolish he had been.

Till the day he died.

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