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A Kiss of Shadows

Hamilton, Laurell K

A Kiss of Shadows

The phrase elf-struck is used by the kind permission of Larry Hammer from an as yet unpublished novel. Finish the book Larry, I'd love to read the rest of it.

For everyone who kept the old stories alive in small rooms and great houses, by firelight and electricity, for all who kept the faith and for those who just liked a good story.


Robin Bell for so many things, the Celtic research being but a small part. Darla Cook, without whom so much would go undone. Deborah Millitello, who read this book and pronounced it good. All my writing group, who due to time constraints did not get to read this final version: Tom Drennan, Rett MacPherson, Marella Sands, Sharon Shinn, and Mark Sumner. And everyone at Ballantine and Del Rey, especially my editor, Shelly Shapiro.

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